About The Boathouse

The Boathouse was launched in October 2014 as an exciting new arts venue next to the River Roding at the heart of the Icehouse Creative Quarter in Abbey Road, Barking. As we move into our fourth year we have seen tremendous developments in the Quarter and the completion of many new homes. The Quarter is home to an ever-increasing number of creative businesses and artists enhanced even more so with the recent arrival of Bow Arts.

The area is developing as a vibrant creative hub and we are set to see even more growth. The Boathouse benefits hugely from the generosity of Rooff Ltd who have believed in the project from the outset and shown this in action by their support in enabling the space to grow organically.

The first phase of our plan was to raise public awareness of the venue and café by offering pop-up opportunities, performances, jazz and comedy as well as attracting classes and affordable hourly and daily hire rates for our studios (see hire page for details).

The adjacent Boathouse Café/bar operated by Daniel’s Bar and Cafe is open Tuesday – Sunday from 10.30 am-11 pm making a seamless transition from Café to Bar at around 6pm.

One of our primary ambitions for the Boathouse is to support and develop emerging local artists and to encourage joy and pleasure for local people to experience and participate in great arts experiences and to feel local ownership of the venue.  We know it will increasingly be known as a wonderful place to visit and spend time, enjoy all sorts of arts and to meet each other…..

Carole Pluckrose – Artistic Director – The Boathouse  – October 2017.