Miro Tomarkin

Miro Tomakin

Board Member Boathouse CIC.

Miro is an artist/painter/poet/sculptor currently and Dagenham resident. He is an artist with a mission: to express himself via the arts.

His favourite paintings are Surreal Landscapes/Mindscapes and Figurative works. Miro describes his art as personal to himself and he continually wants to develop and learn – make mistakes and do things right – seeking refuge in the hope and the presence of the creator – the muse and everything else – hence the beauty and the ugly – the ability to choose between the two ‘poles’ – Light and Darkness – good and evil – happiness and sadness – Obedience and Rebellion and all that what is in between – the tones and shades and the entire space which is filling up the middle ‘bit’ hence the colour between Black and White – the music between silence and noise.