Michael Hlousek-Nagle. Solo Exhibition



The exhibition will be open daily between 12pm-5pm (free of charge)

Private View  – Friday February 23, 6pm-9pm (all welcome)

Tickets available at       https://invitefullsail.eventbrite.co.uk

Following his success as winner of the ‘Now That’s What I call Art’ exhibition, created  by Laura Iosifescu Michael became Artist-in-Residence at the Boathouse Creative Studios sponsored by Rooff Ltd and The Boathouse CIC.

In this exhibition of work produced during his time  at the Boathouse Creative Studios, Dagenham based artist Michael Hlousek-Nagle presents an alternative take on some of the events, places, and themes threaded through the history of Barking.

Drawing on the graphic works of Goya, Paula Rego, Edward Gorey and others, these new monochrome paintings and huge charcoal pieces explore a vision of Barking infused with magical unreality; myths, pop-culture references, anachronisms and distortions create a place that has never really existed, and set it in a time that never will.

It’s a vision of Barking that celebrates the wonderful strangeness of an area that has not only community and achievement in its past, but also a rich history of tragedy and darkness – the works invoke the dreadful sinking of the Princess Alice off Barking Creek, the catastrophic explosion of the boiler at Hewett & Co in Fisher St, the history of devastating floods, the end of Barking’s once-great fishing industry, the mythical asylum from whence we derive the phrase ‘Barking mad’, and the dissolution and ruin of one of Britain’s greatest Abbeys.

It’s a body of work that reminds us of the shadows and shades of grey stitched into our history, and inevitably our future, a warning that we cannot hold back the genuine and wonderful mess that history makes of even the most well intentioned plans.

Drop-in tea and cake afternoons and an informal chat with Michael about his work – Thursdays March 1, 8, 15, 3pm-4.30pm


Find out more about Michael and to see images of his paintings please check out his website

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